Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring is time for birds

My favorite paper for painting birds so far is Sennelier Grain Torchon. I'm already finishing my 20 sheets block and going to restock on it. Very pleased with the surface and colors staying intense when dry. It also holds water very well. I personally wouldn't use this paper for big wet on wet paintings, but for small, illustration kind of work it's a keeper!

Btw, I've added three new bird prints in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pink Rose

This new watercolor reminds me of shabby chic decor, which I've been inspired by lately.
It was painted in alla prima style on Arches cold press paper, and it's available for purchase on my Etsy shop.
Hope you are having a good week so far:)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just thoughts

Two friends were once observing a beautiful watercolor painting at the art gallery. "Look," one said to the other. "It only took a few minutes for the artist to create this piece, so why does it cost so much?" "You are right," replied the second friend. "Only a few minutes... but the other thing is also true, that it took him his whole life to create this piece. The more effortless it looks, the more hard work is behind it."

That's not an apologue, but a true story from life:) Just was thinking about what I appreciate most in watercolor paintings. Personally, the subject doesn't really matter. What truly earns my respect is effortlessness. How would one see that in a painting? I believe the key is constantly training your eye. And the best way to accomplish that is by observing the work of masters, analyzing and comparing art pieces and styles. Not only does it develop your vision (and you'll be amazed how much it can evolve!), it also aids your mind in creating internal representation of your own future work.

I do this a lot and my personal favorite masters are:
  •  Liu Yi. Incredible, fantastic, out of this world technique!
  •  John Yardley. Love his atmospheric watercolors, full of light and life. I especially adore his ability to simplify complex scenes into shapes of color.
Feel free to continue this list and share your favorite watercolorists in the comment section.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentines Cards

The upcoming Valentine's Day is a perfect time for painting dreamy desserts. These hand painted greeting cards would make a special gift for a special person in your life. Moreover, they can be framed to remind daily of wonderful moments spent together.

You can find these cards on my Etsy shop. I wish all of you to love and to be loved!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter dreams

Dear Universe,

Please get me to a cozy cabin in the snowy alpine forest. I will put on a fair isle sweater and arrange outdoor lanterns for a dreamy look. I will play with snow like a child, taking cute pictures for my Instagram at the same time, and maybe even make a snowman. After that I'll surely go for some skating (did I mention there have to be a beautifully illuminated skating rink next to the cabin?). And when the late evening comes, it will be nice to sit back by the fireplace with a sketchbook and a mug of steaming hot chocolate, watching snow fall (don't forget the snowfall, it's important) and painting some winter scenes.

Next morning I might want a good ride downhill. FYI, I've never tried snowboarding, only skiing. As you can imagine, it would be a great chance to finally fill in this gap and step on the board. So get me one, too.

Thank you in advance, Universe, I promise to be a good girl:)
Sincerely yours, me.